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Based in Clarenville, Appleton and now Deer Lake, Newfoundland Helicopters Limited has been providing helicopter charter services for clients across Newfoundland and Labrador since 1996. Our fleet includes a brand new Bell 407GX, three 206LR Long Rangers and a 206B3 Jet Ranger. We can provide quick and safe transportation for you and your cargo anywhere you want to go. Whether its for recreation like hunting and fishing, or commercial work encompassing everything from fighting forest fires to protecting wildlife and the environment, make Newfoundland Helicopters your choice. Our pilots have 1000s of hours of flight of time and experience in power line patrols, aerial construction, long lining, wildlife conservation, aerial photography, filming, flight instruction and more. All of our aircraft are equipped with satellite trackers and telephones to provide real time flight following and easy communication anywhere, anytime.

Corporate Travel

Power. Reliability. Maneuverability. Our Bell 407GX has everything you expect from a helicopter and more. The full leather corporate interior is exceptionally quiet which makes the Bell 407 not just a great way of getting to work, but also a great place to do work. It comfortably seats up to six passengers with one pilot, thanks to wide-open club seating and the smoothest ride in its class.


Support for the forestry sector includes moving people and equipment, forest inventory, road planning, tree planting, fire suppression, pest control, infrared scanning, aerial seeding, GPS and video mapping to name a few.


Newfoundland Helicopters provides remote area access for environmental programs, hydrometric surveys, geotechnical and engineering studies as well as aerial construction for power generation and transmission projects. Remote communications facilities are built, maintained and resupplied using our helicopters. Power line services include the patrol, inspection and maintenance of high voltage transmission systems.


We provide helicopter support to mineral exploration programs in all regions of Newfoundland & Labrador. We fly exploration geologists, provide assistance in geophysical surveys, transport mineral samples, move equipment and people, and more.

Filming and Photography

At Newfoundland Helicopters, we have experience in everything from the nose mounted gyro-stabilized V14HD Cineflex camera, to handheld point and shoot cameras. Whether you're looking for a multi-day filming job or a 15 minute photo flight, contact us to see how we can help.


We provide convenient access to otherwise inaccessible lodges in the breathtaking Newfoundland wilderness. Our helicopters are available for charter to remote fishing lodges, salmon fishing expeditions, viewing icebergs and sightseeing to name a few.

Safety Around Helicopters

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